Italian Feast

This sharing feast is perfect for lovers of Mediterranean food with fresh flavours to tingle your tastebuds


(or choose 4 per head from canapé menu)

Ciabatta crostini, mascarpone, asparagus wrapped in Parma ham, Parmesan

Wild and chestnut mushroom, fresh Pecorino, little filo baskets

Antipasti board (may include artichokes, stuffed peppers, olives, Napoli salami)

Deep fried calamari, lemon and garlic mayo


Slow cooked pulled pork seasoned with fennel, chilli, bay, lemon zest, black pepper and sea salt

(for vegetarians filo parcel with spinach, ricotta, roasted butternut squash, pine nuts, thyme)

Chicken, pea, courgette, asparagus, cream, Parmesan risotto

(for vegetarians pea, courgette, asparagus, cream, Parmesan, rocket risotto)

Fresh pesto: basil, Parmesan, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil

Bean salad: cannellini, borlotti, fresh green beans, broad beans, baby courgettes, lemon, mint, garlic

Peperonata (traditional Italian stew of onions, tomato and sweet pepper)

Classic Caprese salad: vine tomatoes, mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, sea salt

Leafy salad, fig, apple, fennel, radish, cucumber, olive oil, balsamic glaze

Olive bread, homemade focaccia, ciabatta


(or choose from dessert menu)

Panna cotta: choose from either vanilla panna cotta with summer berry coulis or espresso panna cotta with coffee beans and chocolate

Coffee (Lavazza)

Price per head:

4 canapes: £5

Main buffet: £15.50 if served from buffet

£16.50 if served banqueting style

Dessert: £5.50