Greek Feast

New for 2019


Mini falafel, roasted squash

Deep fried aubergines, rosemary, honey drizzle

Calamari and aioli

Meatballs: lamb or beef, mint, garlic with tomato chutney


Lamb kleftiko; Slow roasted, spiced and herby lamb shoulder, potatoes, pepper and tomatoes

Chicken salad; fried chicken marinaded in garlic, marjoram, lemon with rocket and feta whip

Greek salad; vine tomatoes, cucumber, olives, red onion, feta and mint

Couscous with roast vegetables, fresh herbs and orange

Leafy Salad with green beans courgette, broad beans, peas, lemon and fresh mint



Olive bread and pitta bread


or choose from dessert menu

Orange and almond torte, Greek yoghurt, fresh berries

Price per head:

4 canapés: £5

Main buffet: £15.50 if served from buffet

£16.50 if served banqueting style

Dessert: £5.50