Buffets might feel a bit old school, but we think they are a great way to serve your hungry guests, giving them a visual feast with plenty of choice and the option to eat as much or as little as they like! Depending on your numbers, we often set up more than one buffet and limit queues by inviting the tables up in turn. Don’t forget to ask if your favourite dish needs adding – if it’s doable, we’ll do it!

Choose 3 mains and 4 accompaniments and as always, we will cater in addition for those with dietary requirements. All buffets are served with speciality breads.


Vincisgrassi: Parma ham, mushroom, lasagne and Parmesan; truffle oil

Lamb and aubergine curry, fresh spices, coconut and fresh coriander (this is one of our favourite curries but please ask about alternatives!)

Slow roast lamb shoulder or marinated chicken; chorizo, cannellini bean and cherry tomato cassoulet

Italian chicken breast fillets, roast peppers, spring onions, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, white wine, basil and olives

Thai chicken or salmon and prawn curry, squash and sweet potato

Hot roast beef rump; horseradish and mustard

Salmon en croute; cream cheese, leeks and spinach

Wild mushroom risotto; fresh herbs, truffle oil and Parmesan

Paella: chicken, chorizo, slow roast pork belly, vine tomato, sherry, peppers, peas, thyme, paprika, prawns (this is our standard paella, you can have a meat only version; a fish and seafood paella or a delicious vegan option)


Rare roast fillet of beef, creamed horseradish and mustards (please ask for quote, price will depend on overall choice)

Black Mountain Smokery smoked chicken and duck, spiced whimberries

Poached salmon or Black Mountain Smokery oak roast salmon, dill cream

Home-cooked honey and mustard roast ham

Homemade tart (e.g. caramelised red onion and Parmesan; asparagus and cream cheese; spinach, goat cheese and pine nut; smoked bacon, onion and cheddar)

Local Charcuterie from Trealy Farm

Salad niçoise: locally oak roast salmon, free range egg, green beans, olives, anchovies; olive oil and fresh lemon

Black Mountain Smokery smoked chicken Caesar salad, crisp ciabatta croûtons, Parmesan and crispy smoked bacon

Black Mountain Smokery smoked duck; watercress and spinach, citrus fruits, spring onion and toasted cashews, oriental style dressing


Slow cooked shoulder of pork with white wine, sweet red onions, garlic and garden herbs

Butterflied leg of lamb marinated in garlic, rosemary, olive oil and sea salt

Slow cooked Persian spiced perfumed lamb shoulder

Whole salmon stuffed with fresh lemon and garden herbs, wrapped in a foil parcel

Homemade burgers using our local Llanbedr beef – plain, spicy or herby

Cashell’s amazing homemade sausages (variety of flavours)

Chicken thighs marinated with lemon, thyme, garlic, rosemary and olive oil

Sticky hoisin, ginger, garlic and honey pork ribs

For vegetarians – halloumi and Mediterranean vegetable skewers, homemade falafels, stuffed mushrooms with parsley, garlic butter and cashews


Hot new potatoes; fresh mint or crushed with butter, chives and mint

Hot rice

Warm potato salad; frizzled chorizo sausage, red onions, sun-dried tomatoes, egg, garlic, chilli and grainy mustard dressing

Pasta salad; tomatoes, roast peppers, courgettes, aubergines, red onions; olives, fresh basil, pesto dressing

Baby leaf salad, herb roasted feta, thinly sliced pear, radish, courgette, herb vinaigrette, toasted pine nuts

Baby spinach and rocket leaf salad, crispy smoked bacon, ciabatta croûtons, Parmesan, Caesar style dressing

Rocket, watercress and baby spinach leaves, feta, asparagus and thinly sliced fennel, olive oil and balsamic glaze

Green salad, olive oil, balsamic vinegar

Heritage tomatoes, char-grilled green peppers, olives, ciabatta croûtons, spicy coriander dressing

Greek salad: vine tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, feta cheese, olives, extra virgin olive oil, fresh mint or marjoram

New potato salad, sour cream, chives

Carmargue rice salad, roast Mediterranean vegetables, orange, cranberries, almonds, heaps of herbs, honey dressing

Watermelon, cucumber, feta and mint

Couscous, roast Mediterranean vegetables, harissa dressing

Vine tomato, mozzarella and basil salad, olive oil, Maldon sea salt

Fennel, cucumber, avocado, dill and lemon

Summer bean salad: broad beans, fine green beans, peas, baby courgettes, spring onion, lemon mint vinaigrette



Chocolate roulade, chocolate brandy ganache, whipped cream

Banoffi pie

Summer fruits in Pimms jelly, vanilla mascarpone cream

Summer pudding, crème fraiche

Traditional sherry trifle

Strawberries and cream


Sticky toffee pudding, pecan fudge sauce


Cheesecake (Apricot, strawberry, bilberry, passion fruit and mango, raspberry and white chocolate, Italian baked orange and ammeretti, baked lemon and ginger, baked vanilla and summer berries)

Brioche and vanilla bread and butter pudding, sherry soaked sultanas

Chocolate bread and butter pudding

Vanilla panna cotta, summer fruits

Exotic fresh fruit salad

Tarte au citron

Warm treacle tart

Seasonal fruit frangipane


Choose 3 main and 4 salads for £17.50 per head

An extra main can be added for £3 per head

An extra salad can be added for £1.20 per head


Choose 1 dessert for £5.50

Choose 2 desserts for £6.25

Choose 3 desserts for £7